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The 5 Programs I Can't Live Without | For Photographers

January 20, 2019




2019 is the year of blogging!!  If you are a photographer this post is for you!! Below you will find 5 programs that make my workflow so much easier! Scroll down to read about these lifesavers!





1. The obvious.. Lightroom/Photoshop. I pay monthly for both of these programs through Adobe Creative Cloud. Lightroom is a lifesaver if you are a wedding photographer. You can batch edit your hundred of photos and streamline your workflow! I also like to do some touchups here and there which is mostly what I use Photoshop for. I still find myself using both quite often

and they help me create all my editing magic. 






2.  Photo Mechanic. What a time saver this baby is!! This is how I am to cull my images super fast.  Culling is the process of selecting the best images from a shoot to be edited and delivered to a client. I find Lightroom to be too slow for me, especially when I'm culling over a thousand images from a wedding day. Photo Mechanic allows you to preview the image before it fully renders, allowing you to go through all your images faster (culling). Once I cull through the best, I drag and drop them into Lightroom. HUGE time saver.






3.  Blogstomp. If you want a faster way to size images for facebook, your blog, making collages, etc. this program is awesome. Instead of taking photos into Photoshop and sizing, or making collages this automatically takes your images and does it for you. I love using this for creating facebook headers, and collages in general. I created the above photo (3 photos combined of my cute parents)

in less than a minute!  They even have a free trial for you to test it out!






4. Pixieset. This is how I send all my online galleries to my clients and I absolutely adore Pixieset. I have tried a lot of other online gallery service but Pixieset still remains my favorite. I find it simple and easy to use. The gallery set-up's are gorgeous!



 5. HoneyBook. HoneyBook is how I keep my life organized. I send all my invoices and contracts to my clients through HoneyBook. This way everything is signed and paid online so by the time I meet up with my clients we never discuss anything business/money related. There are so many amazing features through this program and they have a mobile app which allows me to send payment reminders, files, etc. from my phone! It makes my life easier and my client's life easier! Win Win!! 


If you are interested in using HoneyBook you can get 50% off your first year!!

Use my code below to access!! GET HONEYBOOK NOW!!





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